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If you can't handle me at fangirl you don't deserve me at feminist scholar.

A self-confessed makeup addict, pop culture junkie and an expert level binge-watcher. Julie gets emotional over her favorite TV shows and is a fierce defender of the universe and her OTPs.


Julie majored in English with a focus in creative writing as an undergraduate at Hofstra University. She is a master at communicating almost exclusively in gifs but actually earned her Rhetorical Communication Master’s at Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication in May 2016.


Eager to expand her experience in the field, Julie has been working as a freelance writer. Her speciality is entertainment writing often with a feminist twist. She has always had a knack for analyzing and critiquing films and television shows. Julie enjoys crafting thought-provoking pieces with little insightful comments often seeded with her distinctive voice, and bust your gut type of humor that never fails to amuse.


You can find Julie's writings at Hidden Remote and she can most likely be found laughing at her own jokes on Twitter.